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The One One One Diet is a breakthrough new system that puts you back in charge of your eating, so you can live your life with confidence, feel great every day, and never, ever have to suffer through a restrictive, boring diet again!

"America's Eating Strategist" Rania Batayneh, MPH, has helped thousands of people lose weight simply by eating a protein, a carb, and a fat at every meal. Her revolutionary program doesn't rely on gimmicks or starvation. Instead, the 1:1:1 approach leverages the body's naturally programmed need for a diverse, balanced combination of micro- and macronutrients to:

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Rania's clients are living proof that The One One One Diet really works. In fact, Rania herself is a 1:1:1 success story: After giving birth to her son, she lost 42 pounds — all the baby weight — in 6 months using the 1:1:1 strategy.

Above are just a few of the amazing, inspirational, real-life successes you'll learn about inside The One One One Diet.

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The concept is simple: Eat one protein, one carb, and one fat at every meal and snack. The unique 1:1:1 system of balance ensures that your body is getting exactly the right blend of micronutrients and macronutrients to trigger round-the-clock fat-burning. The One One One Diet couldn't be easier. And, as long as you understand the unique 1:1:1 formula, the results couldn't be more amazing!

Try it free for 21 daysThe One One One Diet gives you all the tools you need to melt away pounds and inches by choosing the right balance of foods at every meal:

Discover how you can stop dieting forever, eat anything you want, and still lose 10, 20, 30 pounds or more! Learn about the breakthrough "undiet" formula that's the easiest, most effective way to lose weight ever!

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